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MVCU by James W. Hawk

LIFE'S JOURNEY ~ MVCU is an experimental film and a metaphor for life’s journey. It uses the” island” as a metaphor for the insular person and uses Martha’s Vineyard as the pallet. It starts with several poetic statements regarding our condition as “islands” interwoven with keys going into locks which is conception. The ferry trip is the gestation period and birth is upon arrival at the island which we ourselves are destined to become (but we will not do it alone). Each town represents a different part of our lives, for example, Menemsha represents sunset. Each town also has a different color overlay which represent different aspects of life. The overlay starts out being hardly visible in the beginning and intensifies the further we go into the coverage of the town. The longer we are associated with something the more it colors our vision of the world. Then we go to the black and white section. This represents a reflection of past events. The further we go into this reflection the more they blur and distort. The black and white line on the center of the screen represents that this is one continuous thought. At the end of the period of reflection, we leave the island by ascension. We turn toward the sky to see the constellation, Orion which turns from a positive image to a reversed image. That represents death. After the credits we see the rotating spiral, which is the symbol for “life’s journey”, come to a halt. Life’s journey has ended.

LIFE'S jOURNEY ~ MVCUe is the version that displays the meaning of the film.

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