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HawkFilme Anthology 8

Anthology - 2008

• Trevor Tanner - Live
Music Video
Directed, Produced, DP and Edited
A live performance of one of the greatest guitar lords on the planet.

• Eaten by the Sea - Video Storyboard
Video Storyboard
Written, Produced, Edited and Developed
The video storyboard that guided the development of "Eaten by the Sea" to completion.

• Our World Order
Teaser Short Film for a Feature Film
Directed, Produced, Wrote, DP and Edited

Jamie Bondo is called in to quietly resolve an international crisis.

• Production Photo Journal - Our World Order
(Behind the scenes)
Directed, Produced, Wrote and Edited
Covers actors, locations and behind-the-scenes photographs.

• Alpha to Omega: Part 4 - Director's Cut
Teaser Short Filme for a Feature Film
Directed, Produced, Wrote, DP and Edited
Gene Retare may be the last life form on the planet. What will become of him?

• Alpha to Omega: Part 4 - Director's Cut - Behind the Scenes
Produced, Wrote and Developed
Covers actors, locations, music and behind-the-scenes photographs.

• Gamers
Short Film
Small Acting Part
A story about a college student that is obsessed with gaming.

• The Final Revelation
Short Film
Actor "Father Joseph"
Two secret agents are sent out to recover lost files that could explain the origin of the human race.

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