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project background for

Big Ten Inch

Big Ten Inch

Micky D., a friend of mine and the drummer for an Aerosmith Tribute Band called Big Ten Inch, introduced me to the band in 2006.

Big Ten Inch - Live at J.T.s

The band was playing a gig at a Connecticut club called J.T.s, so I asked Micky D. if I could shoot a video of them performing. I needed to build my portfolio and this seemed like a good project for that purpose. As it turned out, it was not a good project. I learned from that experience to never shoot a band performance with fewer than two cameras. You can't move around without jarring the camera. You need two cameras so that you can edit those pieces out. There was one really cool thing that came out of this. I set up a stationary camera while they were setting up and did a high speed sequence that took their hour of set up and condensed it to five minutes. Then I ran one of their songs over it.

Big Ten Inch - Live Demo

This was a video of four of their songs that they used to promote the group and get more gigs.

Big Ten Inch - A Tribute to Aerosmith - Live

The band was selected to be the headline act at a political fundraiser in Meriden. It was called The All American Summer's End Rock Concert. I did this video so that it could be shown on some local television stations to promote the event.

James W. Hawk - Script writer


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