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Jan Harlan, Executive Producer for Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg, comments on "CONFLUENCE", a James W. Hawk script.

"Very intriguing and promising. How will the story of the mass-murderer end?"

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project background for


CONFLUENCE written by James W. Hawk

The idea that started the CONFLUENCE project was to have a story about a serial killer that is always visible, but never seen. How would you feel if you were always very near to a serial killer, but didn't know who it was? It originally was only going to be 20 pages maximum and it was a project I was going to shoot.
I did finish that short story and it sat in a drawer while I was working on other things. One of those other things was to take a script writing course at Quinnipiac being taught by Liam O'Brien. While I was taking the course, I was writing the beginning of a feature script. That beginning got completed and I signed up for Advanced Script Writing with Liam again. The focus of that class was to complete the project you started in the previous course. That meant taking the 30 page beginning and running it out to 120 pages (the average length of a script for a two hour film).
The more I thought about my original idea, the more I was't liking it.
So rather than spend more time on that project, I took CONFLUENCE out of the drawer and made it into a feature length script. During its development the focus changed. The story did have a highly visible serial killer, but the heart of the story was about a woman who was shafted every way you could possibly think, but what happens in the end will surprise you.
The reason for my shooting this short was simple. For me writing a script is a very intense and focused effort. After so many days and weeks of that, I needed a break. So I decided to shoot the opening credits and establishing shot because I could do that without any characters or any assistance. At the end of my short you hear a car pull up, the door slams shut, the crickets go quiet and the screen fades to black. The story begins...

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