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Gamers written by Marty Lang

Gamers was the student film production for the Quinnipiac University section of the 2008 Connecticut Film Industry Training Program (FITP). It was written and produced by Marty Lang and directed by Richard Dobbs of Law and Order.
I started attending the FITP in the Grip-Electric track at Middlesex and transferred over to Props- Set Dressing at Quinnipiac the beginning of the second week. That was a stroke of good fortune for me because it gave me exposure to more of the filmmaking crafts and I met Marty Lang and Liam O'Brien. Both of these guys have been around all aspects of filmmaking for a long time, i.e they know the ropes. Additionally, going to Quinnipiac was a good move because Stuart Feldman, the first assistant director, asked me to fill a small acting part with blocking in the Gamers film.
This was my first extended exposure to real actors on a movie set. It was absolutely amazing to see them go in and out of character.
The last day of production we had a wrap party. It was a happy yet sad occasion. After four weeks of working closely together, it was all over except for the memories and newly established friendships.

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