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project background for

Going Home

Litchfield Hills Film Festival Official SelectionHoboken International Film Festival Official Selection

I chose to have a totally new experience with this film. Since digital is becoming quite the thing, I wanted to learn more about that side of the process, so I did the job of the DIT (media specialist) along with several other positions


Greg Nutcher and I were the producers for this project. Greg did most of the preproduction work while I was trying to finish up another project. Then I did most of the production because he wanted to focus on his acting role. We shared the post production work.

Media Specialist

This was shot on a Panasonic AG-HPX370-P2 with two 16 gigabyte cards and one 64 gigabyte card. I took the position of media specialist because I wanted to know more about it. I had no idea how demanding this job is. I spent a large portion of my time during the shoot downloading cards in order to keep the capacity open. And out the end of the day when everyone else was done I was at home downloading the cards and making duplicate copies of the files for security. Everything should be backed up twice before the cards are given back to the camera operator. After we wrapped and everyone had left the set, guess who was sitting in the hotel lobby downloading media cards so that the camera operator could get his cards back.

Still Photograher

I took this position because I thought i would have a lot of time available to be on the set during the production. That, of course, was before I knew what the media specialist position entailed.


I took this position so that I could sign the daily production reports.

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