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backstory for

HawkMedia Studios and HawkFilme

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HawkMedia Studios started in earnest in early 2005 as Hawk Studios with Chilmark as the production company. Chilmark came from the name of a town on Martha's Vineyard which we like very much.

Then in early 2006 the name changed to HawkMedia Studios and the production company was still Chilmark. Here is the original HawkMedia Studios logo and the Chilmark logo. The picture for the Chilmark logo was taken in Menemsha which is near Chilmark on Martha's Vineyard.

HawkMedia - filmmaker

Then in early 2007, Chilmark Production was changed to HawkFilms and the logos looked like this.

HawkFilme new logo

The first HawkMedia Studios website appeared on the internet in the late Fall of 2007.

Early in 2009 the HawkMedia Studios logo was changed and in the Spring of 2009 the HawkFilms logo was changed. This is what they looked like.

New HawkMedia and HawkFilme

In the early Winter of 2009, I decided to start this website in order to focus on filmmaking. When I went to purchase the HawkFilms domain name, I found that it was already taken. So the name that I liked next best was HawkFilme. It has an unconventional feel to it. I purchased the domain and started the site. With all of that in place the logos look like this.

Current HawkMedia and HawkFilme logos

In 2015 the HawkMedia Studios logo was changed as shown below and in December 2015 OldMan Hawk Film was added as a new production company.

HawkMedia Studios - HawkFilme - OldMan Hawk Film combo logo
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