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Help Wanted

There is always a need for talented people to work on new projects. Every discipline of the crew is needed including the following incomplete list:

Assistant Directors
Sound Engineers
Grip and Electrics
Production Office Coordinators
Props and Set Dressers
Script Supervisors
Location Managers
and other good people.

To be completely honest with you, most projects are not paid. However here are my promises to you.

I will try to make the best possible film I can so that you will have a good example to show other potential employers regarding the outstanding quality of your work.

We will try our best to have a fun and rewarding experience while holding to a high standard of production.

Your safety on the set is and will always be the first priority.

We will provide you with call sheets that will document your time on the project so that you can accrue the time required to get into the union.

You will be treated with the highest respect that a film professional should expect.

I will tell other filmmakers about you and your superior talent so that your network will expand.

These are my promises to you,

James W. Hawk


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