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project background for

Mary & Jimmy Wedding Memories

HawkMedia wedding film

Mary and Jim got married in October, 2005. They had a photographer, but decided not to get a videographer. So I informally shot a video. It had to be informal because I was part of the ceremony. However I got enough footage to make a fairly comprehensive project.

There were two outstanding elements introduced into this project. I always like to learn something new when I am doing a project and the first one addressed that. I did a short animation for the beginning of the film which dealt with their childhoods. I was looking for a way to do a short simple animation and this was a good place to do it. I had animation bodies for them with pictures of their heads as children. They drifted down out of the sky holding hands and moving their heads in time with the music. And the second thing was to break up the wedding ceremony itself with a flashback of them dating. Most wedding video have a dating sequence at the beginning. I feel that the ceremony, in most cases needs to be shown in its entirety, but they tend to drag on. So half way through the ceremony I zoomed in on Mary and faded to a flashback of their dating years.

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