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project background for

Old School Roadster on a Budget

Old School Roadster film

This was my first totally creative project. When it was done, it was four parts and two hours long.

I had just finished a series of studio equipment training sessions and was looking for a project that would end in an actual film. Karen and I tossed around some ideas. One of them was to make a film about Larry building a car at home in his garage. When I first spoke to him about it, he was only luke warm on the idea, but finally he decided to do it.

He would work on the car all week long and every Tuesday night after dinner, I would go to his house and he would discuss on camera the progress of the week. This went on for most of the summer. The point of the project wasn't to teach anyone how to build a car. It was mostly just a progress report with Larry throwing in some of his personality from time to time. The series consisted of four parts:

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