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This is my entry for the DORITOS Super Bowl XLIV (2010) commercial contest. The top three contestants will have their entries shown during the Super Bowl.

A few weeks before the submission deadline for this contest, I decided to submit an entry, but I had no good concepts. Then I went to an Alan Taylor (Emmy winning director) lecture at Quinnipiac University and met up with Jake Bean. He had been working on a MAYA 3-D flying saucer animation for Alpha to Omega. At the end of the lecture, Jake asked me if I would like to see the latest iteration of the flying saucer. So we went to the back of the room and he fired up his laptop. The work he had done was mind blowing, but it would not be done for a few more weeks. I woke up the next morning and the concept hit me like a brick. We could use Jake's flying saucer for the DORITOS commercial. I called him first thing in the morning and said I had to see him right away. I drove to his house and pitched the project to him. He thought it was a great idea and was very interested in working on it. We tossed around ideas for a half hour and we were on our way. Jake was going to modify the Alpha to Omega flying saucer so that it would look somewhat different and I went home to work on all the standard graphic elements. We had less than a week to pull it all together. As it turned out Jake had some rendering issues that had me uploading the entry about 3 hours before the deadline.

Time was so short that we could only do one pass on the project. Normally I do the first pass, study for a while and do another pass. This process could normally go on for awhile. And as it turns out there are several items I would change if we were able to do the next version. However this came out extremely good for only having a single pass.

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