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Jan Harlan, Executive Producer for Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg, comments on "Our World Order - redux.", a James W. Hawk filme.

"I watched all three films ("Ethan", "Our World Order" and "Aleph to Taw - abreger") and liked them, particularly the last one."

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project background for

Our World Order

Our World Order

I had been working on a feature length script for this project for some time entitled "Our World Order". Then an opportunity came up to make a shorter version of it which I was in favor of.

Our World Order

When this short project started it had several constraints. It had to be no longer than five minutes and it had to be done by a specific date. Both of those were met, but with a cost. Being restrained to five minutes was not enough time to present the material and having to meet that deadline meant that some undesirable footage had to be used.
The hotel room was shot in the high rent district of a real casino which I was unable to scout before we did the shoot. It was my understanding that the suite would have a bar in a separate room. I was going to use this for the bar scene. When we got there the bar was a section of a wall in the living room. So I had to make a quick compromise in order to get the footage, but it was of inferior quality.

Production Photo Journal - Our World Order Behind the Scenes

Steven, one of my sons, was at most of the shoots and was taking photos which I took and turned into the behind the scenes film for Our World Order. It contains information about the actors, locations and general behind the scenes pictures.

Our World Order - Director's Cut

Shortly after Our World Order was completed, I decided to do the Director's Cut so that I could correct the things that bothered me. So I processed the sound track to eliminate ambient noises that were highly objectionable to me. I found a real bar in Meriden and reshot that sequence to replace the poor one that was in the original. While I was at it I rewrote the bar scene to make it better. We shot a new ending and I added some new footage to clear up some ambiguous points. And, of course I lengthened the project to be more consistant with the story. That took it to around ten minutes in length. When it was done I thought it was good enough for a film festival so I submitted it to Silk City Flick Fest where it was accepted and screened. I said I would never touch this project again.

Our World Order - Director's Cut - Redux

"I will never touch this project again". These are infamous words in filmmaking. The truth is a film is NEVER really done. I had a few filmmaker/editors look at the project and they each had a list of tweaks and fixes to improve my film. As a result I added some new music, added some new footage, cut some old footage, shot some more inserts and re-cut it as a BLACK and WHITE film.

Our World Order

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