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project background for

The Making of TIME'S UP and TIME'S UP

Silk City Flick Fest


The Making of TIME'S UP

"The Making of TIME'S UP" is the behind the scenes film about the short film "TIME'S UP" (see details below). During the first week of the training program, I suggested to Marty Lang that we should do a behind the scenes project about "TIME'S UP". He thought that was a great idea and so it began.
I started to shoot late in the second week of the program. When it was done, I had seven hours of footage that ended up being a 20 minute program. It was a fun project with the biggest challenge being to find a place on the set to shoot from. The sets were always filled to capacity with equipment and people. It was a jungle.
I met Jacob Paul Bean, a MAYA 3-D animator, while I was editing this project. He was working on a major 3-D element for another project of mine, Aleph to Taw: Part 4. One day I had an idea regarding "The Making of TIME'S UP" that could be helpful for him and would definitely help me. I discussed this with him and he came up with the idea of creating a prescription bottle animation for Paradiso. I used it during my end credits and the TIME'S UP people used it on the title card. I also used the "falling capsule" during the heart of the film.
All of the still pictures were taken by Al Gonzalez who was one of the camera department students. For the entire four weeks Al and his camera were everywhere...I mean everywhere.
Chuck Miller, the Executive Producer for "TIME'S UP" came up to me after seeing "The Making of TIME'S UP" for the first time at the Silk City Flick Fest and told me what a great job I did on the project. Thank you, Chuck.

Making of TIME'S UP



"TIME'S UP" was written and produced by Marty Lang. The script was selected by the Connecticut Film Industry Training Program (FITP) to be the short film project that would be the culmination of the 2009 Quinnipiac University training program. Richard Dobbs (Law & Order) was chosen to be the director and Danielle Rigby (The Lovely Bones) was the First Assistant Director.
"TIME'S UP" is the story of Dr. Arthur Tessler, a psychiatrist who is more interested in prescribing Paradiso, a designer drug, to his patients than caring about their well-being.
"TIME'S UP" was shot on the Quinnipiac Campus in two of the available administrative houses. Even though it was June and not all that hot, those houses were like furnaces due to the lights and number of people that were there. It took four and a half days to shoot the film.

Time's Up



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